Steampunk Master Sword


Here’s something for the Steampunk fan and the Zelda fan in all of us. A Steampunk Master Sword based off the Legend of Zelda video game. It has all the gears and braided hoses for the steampunk person and the etched Triforce symbol for the Zelda person.


Steampunk Zelda Sword

Steampunk and your favorite video game combined into one awesome replica sword! This unique one of a kind replica measures an impressive 37.5 inches overall with a gold distinctive steampunk zinc metal handle. The stainless steel blade comes unsharpened and is complete with the well know etching. This is a rare piece that you can show off to family and friends and a great piece to add to any Zelda collection!

Wooden Triforce Plaque included

Length: 37.5″ 

Please Allow 7-14 days for delivery.