Harbinger by Anne Stokes


Harbringer is a dark angel, wearing a black hooded robe and long black dress. Her hands are raised in a prayer pose and between her hands she holds on to a cross, hanging from her belt is a sand timer.



Harbinger dark angel is wearing a long hooded cape with the hood pulled up close around her face. This dark angel is wearing a dark corset top with off the shoulder sleeves, a long skirt that is split in front to the top of her thigh. A black belt snugly fits around her waistline where a corded hour glass hangs, a symbol of time slipping away. There are dark fingerless gloves on her arms and her hands are folded in prayer with a cross dangling from them. Her large feather wings are unfurled behind her.

Artist: Anne Stokes

Material: Polystone

Size: 10 5/8″ 

Please allow 7-10 days for deliver.