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Whether you are looking for Mood stones, CBD oils, swords daggers and shields or anything similar you can find it at Gifts and Decor in Olathe KC.

Take a virtual tour and see if something sparks your interest. Also know that inventory changes and some items are limited runs adding to their collectability.

Come in and check out the figurines , susom candles, Lazarus cbd and many other gifts for the special someone or treat yourself.

In the market for a shield . sword , or dagger for above the mantel or just to display. We have them.

Looking for dragon of all colors and sizes from the cute to the fierce. We have that also.

Need to relax and get a mood stone or a nice scented candle. You are also in the right place.

Please come by and see what we have to offer.

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Candles and Incense

We have tons of colors and smells of incense and candles. Light up your life and light up your room.



Looking for a dragon , an elf , or a wild horse. We have many fantasy figurines for your choosing. Come in or give us a call.



We have mood stones in all shapes , sizes , and colors here at Gifts and Decor in Olathe KS